You decided to redecorate your apartment, rearranged your furniture, and relocated your carpet and thus uncovered carpet dents. While standing on a carpet or a rug, heavy furniture can make some divots or dents by trampling down some pile. Fibers of your carpet become folded down, so you need to lift them up.  If the divot in your rug is not too deep and heavy it will flatten out by its own in the process of vacuum cleaning.

 Nevertheless, here are some advices on evening up those dips that won`t go away by themselves:

  • You can use your blow-dryer and just water. Take your spray-bottle, fill it with clean water, and moisten the dents. Then take a blow-dryer and blow over wet dents by the hottest stream of air while fluffing up pile with your fingers. The heat will help woolen or any synthetic fibers rebound.
  • You can use an ice cube. Drop some ice cubes in a flattened dent. Use as many as required covering up the whole surface of a dip. Leave it for 12 hours when it melts the fibers of the carpet/rug will spring up and reduce dips. If there is any excess water, blot it up with any white cloth (towel). For fluffing up remaining pile you can use brush, comb, fork, spoon, coin, even a toothbrush will do.
  • You can use an iron and a damp towel. Lay a wetted towel (preferably white with no patterns) on a divot.  You should iron it over very carefully and gently on medium heat. The pile will start to bounce back under the heat. Leave the towel there till it`s dry. For fibers, stick out at their maximum height vacuum them over for some time.
  • You can use an iron steamer (or a professional steaming machine).  Take a towel and place it over needed area. Put your iron on a steaming setting and pass over dents. Pile will become warm, moist and as a result soft under the effect of steam; all is left for you to comb it with any resources that you have (items listed above in the second paragraph)
  • If you have a 100% silk oriental rug (even with a good knot density) do not put any heavy furniture on it. Heavy weight will leave permanent marks on a silk rug. You are forbidden to blow dry or steam it, expose to direct sunlight.

NOTE:  Repeat any advice several times or combine them if it is necessary. Leave dents to dry out completely between your attempts. Be sure to iron the pile in its original direction. We will recommend you to place some sort of rubber-sheet below your rug/carpet to prevent moist from getting to your wooden floors and ruining them.  Also, mind that if you put the furniture back on the spot where it was before it is just going to make another dent.

As you see all this advices listed here are not so complex. But bear in mind that every rug is unique (whether it is hand knotted, tufted or average carpeting). It requires individual approach; proceed with due care and attention, without any haste.

If you have some good advices on the topic please share with us, leave comments below and give thumbs up on our Facebook page.

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