Wrinkles, bumps and creases on the rug usually occur due to the packing shape while shipping or moving it or staying in the storage for a long time, thorough wet carpet cleaning and afterwards improper drying process can also have a bad effect on a carpets form. In this article we will give you some advices on how to flatten out your rug and get rid of its wrinkles.

You purchased a new carpet, brought it home, unrolled it and noticed that it has some wrinkles. You like the carpet, it fits your apartment`s design and you don`t want to give it back. Don`t worry, it’s not a big problem; in most cases you do not need to do anything. Just roll it out and give a rug several days (even weeks) to settle. Due to the nature of your carpets pile its form will eventually bounce backunder its own weight. For persistent creases that do not disappear after allowing the rug to rest, we will recommend you following steps. You can use them by itself or in combination with one another.

Advices on how to straighten out wrinkles on rugs

  • Roll your carpet in the opposite direction to the direction of its pile (or back roll it). Let it rest for a while in a rolled shape. (This is the only way to flatten out wrinkles on a 100% silk oriental rug, if it doesn`t work please contact a professional)
  • If your carpet is synthetic you can wet places of wrinkles and creases with warm water (not hot) and roll it in the opposite direction, leave it for 20 minutes then roll it out and let it dry. That should be enough. But if your carpet is glue-based this procedure is forbidden. You can damage your carpet/rug.
  • You can gently pull the rug and in the places of wrinkles; place heavy furniture or some weight. Itwillflattenoutunderextraweight.
  • If the weather is sunny and hot (approximately 77 F or 25 C); place it outdoors under the sun for the rug to release tension in its structure. In a few hours you can roll your carpet in the opposite direction or just let it stay open. Do not leave it outdoors for a long time; rug dyes can fade.
  • And the last option is to have your carpet steamed. You can have it done by a professional at your local rug store or use your iron-steamer on the “wool” setting. Firstly put a clean washcloth or a towel (preferably white with no patterns) on a wrinkle and only then steam it. Under the influence of steam your carpet will even out. This process will be helpful for evening out your rug after wet washing if it has been deformed. Remember not to oversteam your rug; you can ruin its structure (be sure to iron the pile in its original direction).

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