In each house there can be a situation when you get your carpet wet; spilled liquid on it or your neighbors just flooded you. First step: Don`t panic! It`s necessary to determine how much the carpet gets wet how large the wet area is. Then we proceed to the process following advices of how to properly dry your rug/carpet at home.

The easiest and the best option would be to call your local dry cleaner`s. Especially it will be useful if you need to dry a handmade carpet with expensive natural materials and dyes that require gentle care.  Specialists will be able to properly dry the carpet not allowing it to lose shape, paint and former beauty.

How to dry a little wet area on the carpet?

If you accidently spilled some fluid on your carpet/rug and a little area got wet you can adhere to these recommendations:

  • If clean water is spilled you should blot it up with any dry white towel or cotton cloth (without any patterns) keep blotting it up till the towel becomes very wet. Do not rub it!

white towels

  • Washing vacuum cleaners can help you. It can do both take water out of the carpet and clean the area if water was dirty.

cleaning carpet with a washing vacuum cleaner

  • If carpet isn’t large or water is poured on the edge of the carpet, you can lift this part by placing something under it for better air circulation. It is important not only to dry the surface of the carpet but also its warp which may be deformed or rot in time.
  • Pay attention to materials. Various materials react differently to liquids. Natural materials are more afraid of water. These rugs need to be dried carefully and gently.
  • For drying you can use a blow dryer, fan, and heater. Remember not to blow hot air very closely to a wet spot.  It will be harmful to your rug/carpet.

How to dry completely wet carpet at home?

If your carpet is completely wet (you got flooded) then you can follow these recommendations for proper drying process:

  • If your carpet/rug is silky or woolen with high pile, it is better to call professional, your local dry-cleaner`s.

drying rug

  • Begin to collect all the water around the carpet with a cloth. Use another dry cloth to collect water from the carpet.
  • We do not advise you to walk on the wet carpet; it will be difficult to straighten out carpets pile.
  • Remove heavy objects and furniture from a wet carpet, its pile can be permanently deformed under the weight.
  • Do not pick up wet carpet unfolded; completely wet carpet is several times heavier than when dry. It is better moved in rolled position. Before folding carpet/rug, put dry white sheets on pile. They will absorb all excess water.
  • If you have an air conditioner or a dehumidifier, just turn on dehumidification. It can help you to get your carpet dry. Note to turn your conditioner on at coolest temperature possible, so that mold will not start to form.
  • If you want to dry your carpet outdoors do not put it under direct sunlight. Dry it in the shade or under a shed.
  • If wet carpet`s moisture is more than 20 percent by its weight, it cannot be dried by hanging on a bar or tube, as it can be damaged by stretching its warp.
  • Rugs should be dried on both sides. It is important to get warp dry too.
  • If you have a lining under the carpet you should definitely get it out and completely dry as well as the floor under the carpet.

 Results of prolonged effect of moisture on your rug/carpet

If your carpet is wet for a long time depending on its materials following problems may occur:

  • Dyes will float, the pattern may be smudged.
  • If your carpet is on adhesive warp it can become damaged and reduce durability of the carpet.
  • Stains on the surface may be absorbed more strongly in its warp and structure that in the future will complicate their removal.
  • Mold can easily form in a wet carpet, it will begin to rot and exude an unpleasant odor. You should make sure you have it killed before reusing flooded rug/carpet.
  • Materials of natural origin lose their shape, become deformed under prolonged exposure to moisture.

Knowing and using these simple rules you can dry any wet carpet at home, without losing its qualities and surface appearance. It is always better to consult specialists on the subject because by making only one mistake you can permanently ruin your carpet or rug.

If you know some good methods and techniques of drying the carpet, please share with us. Leave comments below and give thumbs up on our Facebook page.

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